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Virgin Atlantic – Got it

The last word that one might use to describe Virgin Atlantic’s most rent campaign is “usual.” There certainly is nothing ordinary, banal, or even remotely familiar about their 2011 TV spot(s). This is due, of course, to the agency behind the madness…Y&R London. The only thing you need to know about Y&R is their motto, which is conveniently stated as “Resist the Usual.” What more is there to say? Experience the borderline psychadelic ad for yourself.


Coca Cola grip bottle

Coca-Cola unveils a new bottle design featuring a comfortable grip texture. Their challenge was simple: make people aware of the new bottle design. However, their approach was quite interesting; instead of simply promoting the new product through banal, 2-dimensional print ads, Coca-Cola decided to make consumers interact with the advertisements. This led to the development of a fully velcro covered poster to which people would literally “stick” when they got too close. “People literally hooked to the campaign” and the result was a steady 3.8% brand growth in France.

Brutally simple, refreshingly original and highly effective. 8/10

Sony Bouncy Balls Video

When Sony came to Fallon London with their new Bravia TV,  they had one message to convey…color. The creative team at Fallon quickly disregarded every conventional method with which to portray that. Their thinking took them to a whole new level of originality and what some might even call, insanity. With San Francisco as the venue for the feat, Fallon made use of the city’s many hills as well as the well known phenomenon of gravity. By releasing over 250,000 kaleidoscopic bouncy balls, the agency created the most vivid and colorful spectacle the city (as well as the ad world) has ever seen.

Sony Paint